Scott Schroeder Photography: Blog en-us (C) Scott Schroeder Photography (Scott Schroeder Photography) Tue, 12 Mar 2024 11:53:00 GMT Tue, 12 Mar 2024 11:53:00 GMT Scott Schroeder Photography: Blog 120 90 AI, Human Nuance, & The Art of Photography 1Y3A2679-Edit1Y3A2679-Edit I recently had the fantastic opportunity and privilege of being the event and headshot photographer for SmartWIN24 where I spent two days immersed in the world of some of the brightest and most talented people in the universe of architecture, engineering, and construction along with the team that develops growth strategies for these firms. Tangentially, I was thoroughly enjoying living one of my lifelong core philosophies: surround yourself with people who elevate you. From my view as a professional photographer, there was a compelling and complementary subject on the agenda.

There was a segment of the conference dedicated to artificial intelligence and its application in the AEC world. Prior to the presentation, the speaker, Scott Steiding, asked me about my experiences and opinions regarding AI in photography and its effect on my work. AI, and its application to enhance workflow and efficiency in probably every rote endeavor imaginable, has unlimited and spectacular potential as a force-multiplying tool. For example, the evolution and advancement of AI in the digital darkroom is a paradigm-shifting time-saver for working photographers. But, there is a potential conflict of perception here. It’s not that I’m looking for tools to do artificial enhancements of people, places, or things. Like everyone in a people-related, service profession, I’m looking to spend less time at my computer and more time with clients.

Quantum leaps in photo-processing AI have allowed this. But, like everything in creation, there is nuance to consider. We should never look to machine-learning artificial intelligence to replace the human connection, which is a grand element of photography. There is a self-evident and visceral need for people to interact. Without it, we die from the inside out. We die spiritually, intellectually, and physically. AI is an enhancement for work tasking, not a replacement for the workforce.

Great photography is made by the incomprehensible human mind and its singular ability to find the art and beauty in everything. The machinery involved is merely a conveyance of the art. AI can process digital imagery, enhance and even create photos and videos, and operate a camera, but it can’t connect with people. It can’t feel the emotion of a bride as she waits with her dad to walk down the aisle. It can’t empathize with a young mom dealing with a disinterested husband and unruly kids just trying to get family photos done. It can’t stand in front of an apprehensive new team member during their headshot session and put them at ease so that they are able to allow their confidence to shine through the reluctance. It absolutely cannot tell a story through imagery that isn’t immediately recognizable as inauthentic because there is an intrinsic element of beautiful asymmetry and imperfection in people that something lacking a soul cannot process.

For better and/or worse, AI is here and there’s no turning back. Partner with it and allow it to enhance your work through the completion of tasks. Do not allow the misperception that AI is a replacement for nuanced human capability to foster. To do this you must continuously work to demonstrate the value you bring to the arena of business. The human spirit is irreplaceable. Keep that fire burning.


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Captured Moments Those of you who know me personally know that I can be verbose, but no lengthy post from me today about Valentine's Day. Just a simple thought. Because of my job, I am constantly witnessing special moments - a laugh, a hug, a surprise, or just a simple glance that says it all. I see love shared between couples, between parents and kids, between best friends, between teammates, between brothers and sisters. Keep sharing that love, and thanks for sharing it with me. Happy Valentine's Day.

135A9658135A9658 135A6640135A6640 135A6456135A6456 IMG_1418IMG_1418 SSP_8226SSP_8226 8V2A75228V2A7522 IMG_3065 (1)IMG_3065 (1) SSP_9795 SSPmediaSSP_9795 SSPmedia 2L7A0277 (3)2L7A0277 (3) 135A1191135A1191 5M4A13375M4A1337 IMG_1264 SU Pr_pp (2)IMG_1264 SU Pr_pp (2) IMG_1393IMG_1393 IMG_6048IMG_6048 IMG_3131 (1)IMG_3131 (1) 135A6306 (1)135A6306 (1) IMG_9919 5x7IMG_9919 5x7 SSP_9686SSP_9686 IMG_2056IMG_2056 135A0200 4x6135A0200 4x6 IMG_3122IMG_3122 IMG_0645IMG_0645 IMG_5544IMG_5544 5M4A7557-25M4A7557-2 XW7A0655XW7A0655

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Words of Praise from a Happy Bride "Scott and Meredith felt like part of the family! We were so glad to have them there on our special day!" - Jen Cahill

Jen and SebastianJen and Sebastian

These are the words we love to hear! Our job is to create beautiful photos of the biggest day in your life, and we are able to do that by putting you at ease and making sure that you don't have to worry about the pictures.

Jen and SebastianJen and Sebastian

Jen was so sweet to leave this review on our Facebook page. She and her groom live in the Atlanta area and were traveling to Hilton Head for a Lowcountry wedding. We were not able to meet face-to-face before their wedding day, so there were plenty of emails and phone calls. Meredith felt a special connection to Jen since she is a teacher and Meredith is a former teacher. Then we learned that Sebastian's brother would be the celebrant. Learning details like this about the bride and groom and their families really helped us connect with them when we finally met on the day of the wedding. Plus, Jen's adorable personality just came shining through in our phone calls, and she was exactly as we imagined.

Bridal PortraitBridal Portrait

Wedding CeremonyWedding Ceremony GroomGroom

So yes, by the time your wedding day arrives, we hope you consider us part of your family, because you are part of ours. 

Bride and groom with parentsBride and groom with parents Jen and SebastianJen and Sebastian

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Joy & Prosperity! Happy New Year, all!

My greatest joy comes from the people I photograph and the moments that are shared among friends and family. Moments are the essence of what I do. Video is a long story in motion, but photographs stop one moment in time and give it to you forever. A first look between bride and dad at her wedding. A shy teenager realizing how unique and amazing they are during a senior session. An extended family coming together from around the globe for their parents' anniversary. A young mother-to-be with that special maternity glow. Can you believe how wonderful and extraordinary my days are?!?! You trust me and invite me into these moments and I make sure you can look back at them whenever you wish.

A new groom bear-hugged me at his reception and said, "You capture these memories for us and give us memories of the things we didn't even see!"

A father-of-the-bride found me while I was packing up my gear and said, "I looked down and you were on your back on the floor in the middle of the dance circle taking pictures. That's what I'm talking about!"

When seeing his gallery for the first time, the mom of a grumpy teenager said, "I haven't seen him smile like that since he was little. How did you do that?"

Those moments, and so many others, are what bring me joy. And with joy comes prosperity. That is what I wish you all in 2017. Joy and prosperity!


Best Of 2016Best Of 2016 SSP_1985 SSPmediaSSP_1985 SSPmedia SSP_3206 SSPmediaSSP_3206 SSPmedia SSP_8262 SSPmediaSSP_8262 SSPmedia 135A8663 SSPmedia135A8663 SSPmedia

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Home of the Brave A couple of months ago  I was contacted by a client whose husband was due home from his latest deployment, and she wanted photos of his homecoming. I was happy to hear from Keri. We had tried this once before, but Beau's arrival date was up in the air and I was already booked up, so it didn't work out. This time was going to be different. Very different.

I soon received an email from Beau. Keri told him that she had hired a photographer to capture his return to Bluffton, but she was not aware of his plans for a surprise homecoming. So the tables were turned, and after weeks of plotting emails among friends and neighbors, everyone knew their role, and it was time for Beau to come home.

Beau - entranceBeau - entrance










It was a true celebration, and I was honored to capture Beau's return home to his friends and family. I hope all of you have enjoyed celebrations of your own this Independence Day!

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A growing family by Meredith Schroeder

Audra and Jeff's family is growing... by two!

Scott shot Audra and Jeff's wedding on Hilton Head in October of 2014, and we had such a great time getting to know the happy couple and their family.

Bride, Mother, and MOHBride, Mother, and MOH Walk to the beachWalk to the beach

Bride's BouqueBride's Bouquet Audra and I became "Facebook friends" and enjoyed keeping up with each other over the following year, so we were really excited when we learned a few months ago that they're expecting twins! Then around the holidays, Audra's sweet sister, Tina, contacted me. Audra and Jeff were planning a trip to Hilton Head, and Tina wanted to give them a photo session as a Christmas gift! Yay! We couldn't wait to see them again.

Audra and Jeff 1Audra and Jeff 1

Although Audra and Jeff were staying on Hilton Head, they opted to venture off-island to our beloved little town for their photo session. Audra had seen some of Scott's shots under the pretty trees and moss, and so we planned to meet in Bluffton on Calhoun Street. #lovebluffton :)

Audra & JeffAudra & Jeff It was a cold and windy day, but we had such a fun reunion (with the added bonus of our 12-year-old daughter providing the entertainment). It was so great to see this sweet couple again, so happy and in love and ready to become parents.
Audra and JeffAudra and Jeff

Scott's favorite part was hearing Jeff tell stories about sharing their wedding pictures with family and friends. This one in particular...

Wedding CeremonyWedding Ceremony Jeff just couldn't understand how Scott got a shot from this angle. The ceremony was on a balcony, and there was nothing behind the minister. Nothing... except a rail. And if you've seen Scott shoot, you've seen me cringe at his monkey antics! Somehow he walked the rail and got this shot!

We finished the afternoon at Bluffton Oyster Company with a wardrobe change for Audra - she was a trooper in the cold weather!

Audra & JeffAudra & Jeff Audra & JeffAudra & Jeff

Thanks, Audra & Jeff, for an awesome afternoon. And many thanks to you, Aunt Tina! What a great gift for all of us. These babies are already so blessed with an awesome mama and daddy and loving family. We can't wait to meet them and welcome them into the Scott Schroeder Photography family!

Audra & JeffAudra & Jeff



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Class of 2016, it's time for your senior pics! Class of 2016, I hope you are gearing up for an unforgettable senior year! Mamas and daddies, can you believe your little ones will be graduating in less than a year? Enjoy every second! It's going to be a busy year, celebrating lots of "lasts" and preparing for lots of "firsts." Now is the perfect time to schedule senior portraits, before you get wrapped up in the busy school year. Take a look at our Senior Portrait Packages and give us a call to schedule your session. 

Scott: 843-368-7373 [email protected]

Meredith: 843-368-7137 [email protected]

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April & Tim Practice Getting Married April and Tim are getting married today! They should be well-prepared for the ceremony after the lovely rehearsal on the beach yesterday. 

wedding rehearsalwedding rehearsal

We first met April and Tim a few months ago when they were visiting Hilton Head and meeting with vendors for their destination wedding. Meredith and I enjoyed chatting with them, learning about their story, and hearing about their fun plans for their wedding day. It was so great to see them yesterday, surrounded by their friends and family, all so happy for them.

wedding rehearsalwedding rehearsal


April and Tim Rehearsal 1April and Tim Rehearsal 1

April and Tim Rehearsal 2April and Tim Rehearsal 2

Looking forward to a beautiful day with April, Tim, and their loved ones at the Sonesta Resort. Happy Wedding Day!

1S9A9829 SSPmedia1S9A9829 SSPmedia

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She said yes! She said yes! Well, of course she did! Michael had a special plan for popping the question, and from the look on Reilly's face, you can tell it was just perfect.

Several weeks ago, a good friend of Michael and Reilly's contacted me, telling me that Michael was planning the proposal and wanted a photographer to capture the moment. We talked through the basics, and then last week, I got the call - everything was in place, and today would be the big day. Reilly loves her horse, Ellie, and Michael wanted to propose at the stables and include Ellie in the proposal and the pictures.

Since Michael had a busy schedule, their dear friends met me at the stables earlier this week to walk me through the plan. We discussed the different lighting situations in different spots and different times of day, and we got our ducks in a row.


Reilly spent the day with Kristyn, and after lunch and shopping, they decided to stop by to visit Ellie. When Reilly walked into the stable, she was surprised to see Michael there, along with some special touches they had prepared. It was such a beautiful moment, and I was so happy to be there to capture it for this sweet couple.


A special "thank you" goes out to Tori, Kristyn, and Lauren for all the behind-the-scenes work. And let's not forget Ellie! She was a trooper! These two are certainly blessed with some great friends!

So of course Reilly said yes! It was a perfect moment for a perfect couple. Congratulations, Reilly and Michael! Enjoy this special time together. Looking forward to wedding planning with you!



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Samara & Richard - A Lowcountry Engagement Session Samara contacted me months ago to schedule an engagement session. First, it was such a joy to hear from her, as I've known her for years, since she was cheering on the BHS sidelines under the Friday night lights. Then she told me that her fiance, Richard, is a Marine! Ooh rah! So I was thrilled - happy for both of them, and glad to connect with a fellow Devil Dog.

The scheduled date arrived, and so did torrential rains. Not so great for a beautiful Lowcountry session. So we postponed until a date that was yet to be determined. Eventually Richard got word of his pre-deployment leave, and so we set a new date. It turned out to be a beautiful fall day in Bluffton!

Lowcountry engagement photoIMG_1283

We started the session with some shots that highlight Richard in his dress blues, the sharpest uniform on the face of the earth (no bias). 

Marine engagement photoSamara 2

We also highlighted some key details.

Marine engagement photosamara 3

Don't they look awesome! What a gorgeous couple. It was easy to take pretty pictures of these two. :) So then Richard got comfortable and we took some more casual shots, taking advantage of the beautiful Lowcountry scenery.




It was so much fun to see this bright young couple and the promising future ahead of them. Richard has some obligations ahead of them, as you can imaging, and Samara is embarking on a new path herself, so the wedding isn't until 2016. In the meantime, we'll be keeping them in our thoughts and prayers. Congratulations, best wishes, and Semper Fi!

samara 4samara 4


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A "this-is-not-a-maternity-session" session When Sarah contacted me about a session for her and her husband, she mentioned that she's pregnant, but she didn't want a "maternity" session. Sarah wanted some nice pictures of her with her husband, and she just happens to be pregnant. Okay, we can do this! We'll take pictures of the couple, not focused on "the belly," but on them. 

Sarah and Roland recently moved from Bluffton to the Atlanta area, and on the weekend that they came back to town for their session, a cold front swept in. We chatted earlier in the day and decided that, regardless of the wind and drizzle, we'd still meet at the planned time, and see what we could do. It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.

When we arrived at the location, we again reviewed the plan. In Sarah's words, I could treat this like an engagement session, except the couple is already married and pregnant. Got it!

Still, I couldn't resist a few "mom and dad" shots. Proud dad, glowing mom, don't you think?

And Sarah even piped in and asked for a "belly shot" so we got one of those, too!

In the end, I feel like we got the shots that Sarah was after, plus some special expectant parent shots to help them remember this special time. Thanks, Sarah & Roland! And best wishes with your bundle of joy!


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Jordan & John - A Beachfront Wedding on Hilton Head Island hilton head beach weddinghilton head beach wedding

A beautiful house on the beach filled with family and friends, a week on Hilton Head together, a sweet ceremony in the sand, and a gorgeous summer evening celebration. Jordan and John did it right. They wanted a low-key, fun, casual wedding, shared with their closest loved ones, and that's what they got.

gettingready3gettingready3 IMG_4797IMG_4797


Labor Day served up delightful weather and the arch perfectly framed Jordan & John against the waves.









After the ceremony and some time together on the beach, the party moved to the backyard, where the family celebrated throughout the evening. 

IMG_3764IMG_3764 reception3reception3

Many thanks to Jordan & John for inviting us to capture this beautiful day! Best wishes for many years of happiness!


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Should we do a first look? These days, not all couples are choosing to adhere to the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. Many brides and grooms find this tradition and others not to be very practical, and so they are choosing their own paths. There is no right or wrong way to go; you just need to decide what will work best for you.

Some of us hold this tradition dear and actually enjoy the anticipation, waiting excitedly to see each other as the bride takes those first few steps down the aisle. Others like the option of spending some time together before the ceremony with the photographer, so that less time has to be set aside between the ceremony and reception for pictures.

In the months leading up to their big day, Kelsey and Tommy had decided not to see each other before the ceremony, but as the day drew closer and closer, they started to waiver. In the end, they decided that spending a few moments together beforehand would help calm some nerves and give them both that peaceful easy feeling they were hoping for on their wedding day.

And so it went...

The wedding was near Tommy's family's home, and so we had the luxury of this beautiful country setting. On the day before the wedding, Meredith and I went out to the Adams home and found the perfect spot. 

Take a look at their faces - pure happiness! During our post-wedding consultation a few weeks later, Kelsey and Tommy both agreed that having a "first look" was the right decision for them. They felt happy, calm, and ready to tie the knot! That's not to say that a few tears weren't shed during the ceremony (right, Tommy?). :) And then we had some time to focus on getting some beautiful portraits of just the two of them.

Tommy and KelseyTommy and Kelsey

We even had some time to spend with this sweet thing...


And the rest of the day was just as sweet!

If you haven't considered a "first look" before the wedding, you might want to think about it. It could calm some nerves, allow for more time with friends and family after the ceremony, and result in some special memories just for the two of you.

Or maybe tradition and anticipation is the right path for you. Just remember your something borrowed and something blue!

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Good things come... Chelsea was so prepared! She emailed me in December to check availability for a family session in August! So we were all set for months... and then it rained. And then it rained again. But finally we had a beautiful - actually, perfect - evening. The Dubeys came from Michigan to Hilton Head to celebrate Pam and Jay's 40th wedding anniversary together, and check them out!

Dubey family at Hilton HeadDubey family on the beachDubey family at Hilton Head

They did a great job with their photo session wardrobe. This is what you might call "picture perfect." Everyone is dressed in a coordinated color palette. They don't "match"; they "blend." We have a nice mix of solids and patterns (different scales of stripes, plaids, and batik) that all work well together. What's even better is that each person looks at ease, like this is what they might wear, even if it wasn't "picture day."

So although the weather gave us some fits, in the end, we had a gorgeous summer evening, and the Dubey family's planning efforts resulted in some lovely shots. 

Good job, Pam and Jay! Happy 40th, and best wishes for many more! 

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Do you have any pictures of my kid? Probably. During the 2013 varsity football season, at 11 games plus practices and scrimmages, I took over 10,000 pictures. So sure, I probably have a couple of your kid. And yes, I can take time to look through them all to find him, for a fee. If you're interested, give me a call.

As we start the 2014-15 school year, here are a couple of ways you can be sure to get pictures of your athlete.

Each week, I'll post a few key shots from each game here. Check this link weekly, and you can purchase products directly from the website. We've got prints, buttons, t-shirts, and more.

If you want to be absolutely sure that I'm taking shots of your kid, check out our Bobcat Packages. I will be sure to capture your kid throughout the season, and you'll have a personal website gallery featuring only photographs of your athlete.

These packages and services are available for all Bluffton High School sports throughout the year, from cheerleading to wrestling to lacrosse. Make your plans now!



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Simmons Family Preview I got an email from Stefanie a few weeks ago - "We'll be there next week. Would you happen to have anything available?" Surprisingly during this busy family photo season, we did have that Wednesday evening open, so within a couple of days, we had Stefanie all set.

During our phone consultation, we got to know her pretty quickly - she has one of those personalities that radiates through the phone. Stefanie was so excited to be coming with her family to Hilton Head Island for the first time, and we didn't just talk about pictures - good places to eat? fun things to do with the kids? 

But we did also talk about photography. Stefanie was so glad she happened to think about getting family pictures taken while on vacation at the beach, and we were happy to hear that she found us through Pinterest while looking for clothing ideas. She came across a shot of a family I took last year about this time, and she liked the color palette and how everyone blended without being too matchy. Stefanie took inspiration from that shot, and I think you'll agree that she did an awesome job - don't they look great? Everyone's colors work together, they look like they belong on the beach, and they still look like themselves.

From our conversations, we could tell we were in for a good time with Stefanie and her boys, and we were right! I got some fun candid shots right as we hit the sand. Then we took time to get the portraits Stefanie was looking for, and then we played! We played in the sand and in the water, and at one point, we asked the boys to run circles around their mom and dad. The boys did not object! It's during play and in those quick moments right after a good run or a good laugh when we get the best smiles.

Stefanie and gang were enjoying their visit to the island, and we think it was the first of many. Can't wait to see them again!

Simmons FamilySimmons Famiy

IMG_1817 SSPmediaIMG_1817 SSPmedia

IMG_1892 SSPmediaDad and boys on the beachDad and boys on the beach

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Stack Family Preview We had a great time yesterday with Lucy and Jeff's family! It's always a treat to capture these rare moments when extended families all manage to get together in one spot. Here are just a few shots from their session. A beautiful setting, a lovely family, and a nice Lowcountry evening! 

Stack FamilyStack Family

Silly Stack GrandkidsSilly Stack Grandkids

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April showers bring... a beautiful Lowcountry wedding! Bride and Groom at OldfieldBride and Groom at OldfieldBride and Groom at Oldfield

Back in April we were honored to photograph Megan and Dustin's wedding at Oldfield in Okatie, SC. As usual, we went out to Oldfield a couple of times before the big day to get our ducks in a row. First we met with Oldfield's Event Director, the fabulous Danielle, to get her take on how the day would flow. Then we scouted locations for those key shots that we were planning. We also met with the bride's parents at Oldfield (since the bride and groom are out-of-towners) to run our thoughts by them and get their input. We had a great plan in place.

And then in rained... but it was okay! On Friday evening, the weather was so icky and there was so much rain that the rehearsal was canceled. So not only was the ceremony shifted to a different location, but the wedding party didn't have a chance to run through the ceremony beforehand, and I didn't have a glimpse into the flow myself. Although we had a step-by-step schedule in our hands and perfect spots picked out for perfect shots, we had no problem adapting to the uncooperative weather. I've done this enough that I know how to be flexible, and in fact, surprises often produce the best results. The wedding was perfect, and we got some great shots to tell the story of the day. 

Luckily, Oldifeld has a great rain plan. Instead of being out on the lawn behind The River House as planned, we were in The Outfitter's Center, which offered an intimate, charming ambience, with its screened walls, brick floors and fireplace, not to mention the awesome ceiling rafters.

Wedding at the Outfitter's CenterWedding at the Outfitter's CenterWedding at the Outfitter's Center

In the end, the rain didn't matter. Danielle and Oldfield were prepared, Megan and Dustin still got married, everything was beautiful, and we all had a fabulous time.

Congratulations, Megan & Dustin! Best wishes for many years of happiness!

Father of the brideFather of the brideFather of the bride

The bride and her girls before the ceremonyThe bride and her girls before the ceremonyThe bride and her girls before the ceremony


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It's A Family Thing When last we met I talked a little about what I love most about Scott Schroeder Photography and the little things about my business that bring me the greatest joy.  Today I want to show you why.

Last time I talked about my response when people ask me what my favorite thing is about being a photographer.  Another question I'm frequently asked is, "Are you a wedding photographer, a family photographer, a sports photographer...?".  Meredith and I don't run a large studio where we do high volume and low service with no time for clients.  Our business is about family, ours and yours, and families celebrate reunions, birthdays, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, and athletics.  

So the answer is, "Yes!" I am all of those things. I am your family's photographer. When we meet in our office we welcome you to the Scott Schroeder Photography family. Our goal is not to take your picture, get you some product, show you the door, and move on. We want to earn your trust and build a relationship that transcends a business transaction. There is no higher compliment I can receive than to work with the same wonderful people over the years and through the special events of their lives. 

Last weekend our relationship continued with an amazing family. I photographed the wedding of one of the four daughters. I have done their youngest girls' sports photography, senior pictures of the latest graduate, family and grandkid pics, engagement photos, and now a wedding.  How awesome is that?!?!  So, there you go. Trust, family, service, and joy. That's what we do. That's what kind of photographer I am. I'm Bluffton's photographer. Take a look at this story in images.

Until next time, find your joy. Creating beautiful images for you is mine!



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Joy I am imbued with such great joy with what I do. It is not only fun and rewarding to record memorable occasions, but also to share and talk about the process.  "What's your favorite thing about photography?"  I'm asked this question frequently, but it seems that I've answered it more frequently lately.  I love the mechanics of picture day.  I love drawing on my knowledge, experience, and techniques to create a unique photographic record of a special day.  I love when clients walk away from the session with big smiles, having had fun when they thought picture time would be kind of a chore.  But, most often it comes down to watching my clients as they see their image galleries for the first time in the studio.  I love seeing that look on their faces when they beam at how beautiful their loved ones are and how amazing their images turned out.  That's it.  That's my favorite thing.

As June is upon us, we are immersed in wedding season which means brides and mammas looking forward to breathtaking, joyful, and emotional images from their special day.  Being a wedding photographer can be the greatest fly-on-the-wall experience one can have.  Nobody notices you, but you're right in the middle of everything recording the festivities for all to enjoy forever.  I thought I'd share a little of the fun with you.  We've already been hard at work this year and have many more happy days to document.  For me that means plenty of smiles to come.

Here's a little of what we've been up to in the SSP family.

Until next time, find your joy.  Creating beautiful images for you is mine!

Scott IMG_6018 canvas2IMG_6018 canvas2 3V5A62193V5A6219 857C1711 SSP media857C1711 SSP media 3V5A6329 SSPmedia3V5A6329 SSPmedia 857C1692 SSP media857C1692 SSP media wedding; "bluffton wedding"; "military wedding"; "marine wedding"; lowcountryIMG_8271 copy 3V5A66223V5A6622 857C1389 SSP media857C1389 SSP media

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RBC Heritage Days 1 & 2 The first two rounds of play gave us a star-studded field and every weather condition you could imagine. There were many competitors from last week's Masters field who made the short trip down from Augusta. Instead of the idyllic Hilton Head weather they have experienced in the past, we've been treated to unusual cold, wind, warm sunshine, and torrential rains. The joy I get from telling the story of this event through images has been equaled by the challenge of taking pictures in such a wide spectrum of weather conditions. 

Take a peek at these images to experience it for yourself, or join us out there this weekend!

John Daly bunker shot 13 greenJohn Daly bunker shot 13 green Marquis group Jordan Spieth Tom Watson DLIII 6 greenMarquis group Jordan Spieth Tom Watson DLIII 6 green Matt Kuchar 15 teeMatt Kuchar 15 tee Scott Langley 9 teeScott Langley 9 tee Scott Langley hits from the hazard on 18Scott Langley hits from the hazard on 18 William McGirt hits from the bunker on 18William McGirt hits from the bunker on 18

Brian Harman Post Round 1Brian Harman Post Round 1 Brian Harman 11 roughBrian Harman 11 rough Hunter Stewart 1 green umbrellaHunter Stewart 1 green umbrella KJ Choi 10 teeKJ Choi 10 tee Matt Kuchar 1 fairwayMatt Kuchar 1 fairway Harris English 3Harris English 3 Nicholas Thompson 1Nicholas Thompson 1 Zach Johnson 2Zach Johnson 2 Zach Johnson 4Zach Johnson 4 Zach Johnson 5Zach Johnson 5


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Pro Am Day At The Heritage It was an unseasonably cold and blustery day for Wednesday's RBC Heritage Pro Am at Harbour Town Golf Links.  The players were bundled up against the early morning wind chill as they fought the conditions to hit fairways and greens.  Take a look at the images and get a good idea of our not-very-April-like weather.  Enjoy and see you tomorrow for day 1 of tournament play.

2-time Heritage champion and Hall of Fame legend, Tom Watson, warms up for Wednesday's Pro-Am at Harbour Town2-time Heritage champion and Hall of Fame legend, Tom Watson, warms up for Wednesday's Pro-Am at Harbour Town 5-time Heritage champion, Davis Love III, shows the unusually cold Heritage weather at the start of Wednesday's Pro-Am5-time Heritage champion, Davis Love III, shows the unusually cold Heritage weather at the start of Wednesday's Pro-Am 2011 Heritage champion, Brandt Snedeker, sends his tee shot down the first fairway at Harbour Town Wednesday morning2011 Heritage champion, Brandt Snedeker, sends his tee shot down the first fairway at Harbour Town Wednesday morning 2014 Masters runner-up, Jordan Spieth, chats with his Pro-Am team2014 Masters runner-up, Jordan Spieth, chats with his Pro-Am team Brandt Snedeker tries to keep his hands warm Wednesday morningBrandt Snedeker tries to keep his hands warm Wednesday morning 2-time Heritage champion, Boo Weekley, chips onto the 1st green2-time Heritage champion, Boo Weekley, chips onto the 1st green RBC Heritage defending champion, Graeme McDowell, watches his shot on a chilly Wednesday morningRBC Heritage defending champion, Graeme McDowell, watches his shot on a chilly Wednesday morning Top 12 Masters finisher, Kevin Stadler, sends his ball onto the first green at Harbour Town WednesdayTop 12 Masters finisher, Kevin Stadler, sends his ball onto the first green at Harbour Town Wednesday Jordan Spieth Wednesday post Pro-AmJordan Spieth Wednesday post Pro-Am Boo 1st GreenBoo 1st Green DLIII 10 TeeDLIII 10 Tee DLIII Chatting 10TeeDLIII Chatting 10Tee DLIII Stretching 10 TeeDLIII Stretching 10 Tee GMac 1st TeeGMac 1st Tee GMac Cold HandsGMac Cold Hands Jordan Spieth 10 TeeJordan Spieth 10 Tee Kevin Stadler 1st FairwayKevin Stadler 1st Fairway


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Heritage Time In The Lowcountry! The first things I shot as a budding photographer at age twelve were athletes and sporting events.  Sports photography has always been a passion and a source of great joy for me.  From youth athletics to professional sports, I enjoy every aspect of documenting the story of each competition.  There is so much emotion in sports, and the art of photography goes hand-in-glove with the saga of an individual or team struggle for victory.  From pure and absolute joy to crushing heartbreak, the story-telling opportunities are limitless and sublime.

As a photographer in Bluffton, Hilton Head, and throughout the Lowcountry, I have the opportunity to photojournalize one of our signature events.  Each April the RBC Heritage brings the world's top PGA professional golfers to my back yard.  It's a great week for us and I want to share a little with you.  So follow along on my blog, tune in on television, or come on down to Harbour Town Golf Links.  If you see me don't forget to holler... well, not literally.  They tend to frown on that while the players are doing their thing.

IMG_0438IMG_0438 IMG_0706IMG_0706 IMG_1839IMG_1839 IMG_2330IMG_2330 Opening Ceremony Bagpipes 2Opening Ceremony Bagpipes 2 Opening Ceremony CanonOpening Ceremony Canon 3-time major winner, Vijay Singh, practices in the rain Tuesday at Harbour Town Golf Links3-time major winner, Vijay Singh, practices in the rain Tuesday at Harbour Town Golf Links Tuesday rain at Heritage 2Tuesday rain at Heritage 2 Among those on the practice tee Tuesday are John Daly, Pat Perez, and Nick FaldoAmong those on the practice tee Tuesday are John Daly, Pat Perez, and Nick Faldo Practice resumes between downpours Tuesday at Harbour TownPractice resumes between downpours Tuesday at Harbour Town 6-time major champion and 1984 Heritage winner, Nick Faldo, practices Tuesday at Harbour Town6-time major champion and 1984 Heritage winner, Nick Faldo, practices Tuesday at Harbour Town John Daly on the practice range TuesdayJohn Daly on the practice range Tuesday

(Scott Schroeder Photography) best family photographer best of bluffton best wedding photographer bluffton photographer family photographer hilton head hilton head photographer lowcountry lowcountry photographer photographer" rbc heritage senior photos senior pictures sports photographer wedding photographer Tue, 15 Apr 2014 20:47:29 GMT
Location, location, location! I truly love what I do, and one of the really fun aspects of my job is scouting a new location.  Whether it's for a wedding, a family photo session, or a senior shoot, I love getting in a good recon.  It gives me joy to find that spot that is just perfect for the occasion.  It might be a little out-of-the-way corner for a quiet moment, maybe a really strong and manly looking room for the groomsmen, or the perfect spot for that breathtaking money shot that's going to end up as a giant canvas on your wall.

Location scouting is also very useful to me for purely utilitarian reasons.  I find the light, the lines, and the angles to create those one-of-a-kind images that you love to look at and are proud and eager to show off.  Finding these spots ahead of time enables me and my team to move seamlessly from place to place, already knowing what's there, so we can get the job done and get you back to the party, or the game, or making dinner for the kids.

As a Bluffton photographer and a lowcountry photographer I am surrounded by stunning natural beauty and unique architecture, and I love incorporating all of it into your session.  Take a look at the images below of a location I just scouted for an April wedding.  The texture and geometry of the structures are amazing and the surrounding natural beauty, all within steps of the venue, is magnificent.  I couldn't have been given a better canvas with which to work.

Until next time, find your joy.  Creating beautiful images for you is mine!


IMG_5277IMG_5277 IMG_5280IMG_5280 IMG_5278IMG_5278 IMG_5281IMG_5281 IMG_5287IMG_5287 IMG_5289IMG_5289 IMG_5292IMG_5292 IMG_5298IMG_5298 IMG_5297IMG_5297 IMG_5301IMG_5301 IMG_5306IMG_5306 IMG_5315IMG_5315

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How Do I Choose? Help With Image Selection - Photojournalism/Candids As we discussed previously, selecting portraits should be a fairly meticulous process.  You have spent your hard-earned dollars on an experienced professional to create as close to a perfect image as possible, and you should be decidedly scrupulous when viewing your proofs.  The next step is to select what are always my favorite images in any session: the candids.  These are the priceless moments that take place between the poses when you and your loved ones have let down their guard because you think I'm not taking pictures. SURPRISE!!!  Those are the moments when I'm working overtime.

As a Lowcountry photographer, a Bluffton photographer, a beach photographer, and a sports photographer, I am constantly surrounded by beautiful people and places and captivating faces and activities.  The moments that I most enjoy seeing when I scan the images after a shoot are the stolen glances, the silly faces, the ten seconds after the touchdown or dunk, bridesmaids sharing a dirty joke.  As a client, selecting these images comes down to one thing; emotion.  Forget about the hair and makeup or whether a button is missing or there's a flare in the corner.  Look for the moments that make you laugh, smile, cry, and beam with joy.  Every photo session tells a story.  Let the pages turn.

Until next time, find your joy.  Creating beautiful images for you is mine!


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Bluffton Senior Photographer - Let's Hear It for the Boys Senior photos are not just for girls!  I'll make you look awesome, too, boys.

Parents, I'll use our hometown's amazing natural landscape to create a killer senior spread for your son.  We can let his personality shine and incorporate his extracurricular interests into casual wear and formal shots, as well.  If you want to take it to the next level, we can light him up and create stunning studio shots and athletic composites.  Check out my image gallery for senior photography in Bluffton and the Lowcountry.

Until next time, find your joy.  Creating beautiful images for you is mine!


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How Do I Choose? Help With Image Selection - Portraits You took HOW MANY pictures?!?

You love your teaser images on social media.  You love the day your full gallery goes live on the website.  But, the task of selecting your images from a large gallery seems a bit daunting.  With a little guidance from me and strategic use of the tools my website provides, this process can be a lot less like work and more like a joyful stroll down Memory Ln.

Don't over-shoot the session!  This is a mantra that most professional photographers will sing, and it is good advice.  Indeed, if your photographer is a true pro then he/she will be educated, experienced, and trained to the extent that they won't need to shoot 25 frames for each pose and setting.  Keeping that in mind, there is a huge difference between over-shooting and documenting the moment.  I recently conducted a portrait session of six adults individually under controlled lighting for corporate profile images.  I shot 18 frames.  The client image selection process was very brief.  The following weekend I photographed a three generation family of 26 people with little kids on the beach... and they brought a football.  I shot significantly more than 18 frames.  The different styles here are portrait photography and photojournalism (and often in sessions the two are combined), and your type of session is going to determine how much time you will spend sifting through and selecting your images.

Portrait clients, your job is pretty easy.  Your images were captured under completely to moderately controlled circumstances.  Light, movement, scenery, emotion, wardrobe, etc. were manipulated to yield the perfect image of you and your loved ones and because of these factors you should generally have far fewer image proofs through which to browse.  You are going to want to look for that gorgeous art piece; the print or canvas that you proudly display for years to come.  You should concentrate on composition, lighting, body positioning and posing.  Is there anything distracting in the image?  Is the posing flattering and natural?  Is each face properly lit?  Is everyone in focus?  Are you looking for tack-sharp focus or a softer look?  Think about your style, your home decor, and wall space.  Also, look for complementary images.  These would be pictures that you might wish to display in smaller sizes around the feature art piece or in smaller frames throughout your home.  In previous posts I have discussed the importance of continuity in creating flow.  This is important to consider when displaying images as well.  Even though it's a portrait session and not a wedding, the images still tell the story of your family.  These are all questions and issues that I discuss with my clients and encourage them to consider before picture day.

That's all good advice, right?  But, you are most likely not an expert and I don't expect you to be.  That is part of my job.  If you have any questions at all, or are not sure which image might look better, just give me a holler.  We can look at them together and I'll walk with you through the process.  Use the tools my website provides, as well.  As you are browsing through your gallery you will know two things immediately; you love it or you hate it.  For my part, I hope you love all of your images, but everyone has different bugaboos about their appearance.  I'm going to filter out all of the blinks, slouches, and zombie eyes so you don't have to worry about that.  But, use your initial gut reaction to an image to start your personal filtering process.  On your first spin through the gallery just run the slideshow feature and let it go without making any decisions.  Then browse through and start a "favorites" collection using the Add To Favorites tool above each image.  That way each time you revisit your gallery you are greeted by fewer and fewer images.  This will help you visually and psychologically.  In addition, you can share your favorites collection with me so I can help you further with your selection.  Before you know it you'll have your prints, canvases, books, and digital files and your session will show real results... unlike the ten thousand pics stored randomly in the memory cards of your life's electronics.

Next week... photojournalism clients!  Weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvas, family reunions.  I'm gonna walk you through it.

Until next time, find your joy.  Creating beautiful images for you is mine!


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Ready, Set... Ballet Hands, Photography Yoga, Game Face! Without a doubt the prevailing notion is that your photographer shows up on shoot day with his/her awesome camera, tells you where to stand, presses the clicky thingy a few times, and voila!... beautiful images are ready for consumption that night.  Now, I know that you know it's not that simple (most of you, anyway).  But, if I have done my job the way I plan it for each wedding, family, senior, birthday party, bar mitzvah, or corporate head shot then that's what it will seem like to you.  No bride or birthday parent of mine needs to fret about what goes into making their image event a success.  You don't need to fuss over the who, what, when, where, why, and how.  That's what you have me for!  But, if you've ever wondered...

"That was a beautiful location and the light was perfect.  You're a genius!"  Well, maybe, but the truth is I'm prepared.  Waaaay before picture day I was there... at least once.  I was there during the time of day that our session was to take place.  I was checking for scenery, finding the light, looking at angles, minding the shadows, reflections, and background clutter.  I was taking light meter readings and comparing natural color pallets (remember when I asked you what everyone was wearing?).  I was taking notes so I wouldn't waste your valuable time during our session fiddling with the camera.  I was ready.

"I look awesome in these pictures!  How did you do that?  You're a genius!"  Well, maybe, but the truth is your beauty has always been there.  It's my job to know how to display it properly.  Most of my clients laugh, roll their eyes, or look at me cross-eyed throughout the session when they hear me say things like "Give me ballet hands, girls." Or "Take a deep breath and do some photography yoga." Or "Give me game face." Or the ever popular "Stick your tongue out!."  On one recent family beach shoot I couldn't get the guys to relax and just be themselves.  I thought about the look I wanted for a moment, then out of nowhere I yelled "Gap commercial!"  They looked perplexed so I said, "Give me a Gap commercial."  They got it.  What followed was the most perfect image of six dudes chillin' on the beach I could have ever hoped for.  I've spent years studying bodies, faces, hands, feet and how to photograph them, not to mention the psychology of photography.  I'm going to find the light, put you in it, make sure that all of your parts are in flattering places, evoke the emotion, and start clicking.  It's all you.  I just know how to arrange it.

"Hey... what's with the ladder and that giant, silver, oval thingy?"  Sometimes I need to manipulate angles and light for maximum flattery and I bring the tools to do it.  There are certain angles and lighting situations that compliment the faces and bodies of males and females differently.  During a session with me, odds are you'll see me up on a ladder, down on the ground, in a tree, tightrope-walking a dock rail, knee-deep in the river... who knows.  Anything for the shot.  My goal is to create unique images for you that you'll be proud to show everyone.

"Why does it take so long to get my pictures?  Can't you just upload them from the camera to my gallery?"  Most clichés are bromides for broad brush painting, however I have found that there is one cliché that can't be replaced for its brevity and summation. It is what it is.  Whether it's a wedding, a family beach session, or a child's birthday party there are many challenges involved in producing your image gallery.  I'll spare you the tiresome minutiae of light temperature, 18% gray, image noise, and chromatic aberration.  Let's just say it takes a little bit of time and expertise to get from a to z.  The digital darkroom can facilitate the speed of a photographer's workflow, but there are still only 24 hours in a day... no matter how much I try to bend physics.  A little bit of patience will always bring great rewards.

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes of your photo shoot.  Have fun on your day in front of the lens and remember that photography tells the story of your family.

Until next time, find your joy.  Creating beautiful images for you is mine.



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Dressing For Success - Part 2 Ladies, let me talk to just you for a sec.  Let's be honest. You are in charge of getting everyone dressed and out the door on picture day. Right?  Right.  With the notable exception of teenaged girls, kids are usually not too much of a problem.  Do your best to make sure your daughter keeps the hair, makeup, and jewelry under control.  The general rule of thumb is to consider what you might do for a nice evening out, not prom or a club.  Teen boy fashion can be a bit troubling, as well.  Do an image search for gangsta rapper, boy bands, and Justin Bieber and make sure none of that makes it out of the house on picture day.  To piggyback on last week's post, avoid trends as if they were a creeping plague.  You want the world to see your family, not their clothes and adornments.  

If you're having a little difficulty with your kiddos it's best not to start a fight an hour before I need them to be relaxed and happy in front of the camera.  Use a little psychology.  Show them a few pictures of yourself that you really hate from back in the day.  Kids love to laugh at their parents, and visible history is a good teaching tool.  You might also consider letting them help you plan the wardrobe.  Kids are pretty darn creative and usually respond surprisingly well when given a challenge or task.  Of course, you still retain supreme veto power.  Just be tactful.  Those brush fires are easy to stamp out.  Hubby, dad, grandpa, fiancee, boyfriend, significant other... now there's trouble.

Men are very simple creatures.  We just want to be comfortable and might not realize that ratty cargo shorts and an over-sized polo just won't cut it for this occasion.  It's important, though, that you find some common ground.  You don't want him scowling through the whole session.  Trust me; he already doesn't want his picture taken.  Make sure he's comfortable in his clothes and that they are well-fitting, but not constrictive and follow the color and pattern guidelines we have discussed.  Maybe you incorporate the colors of his alma mater or favorite pro team... unless he's an Oregon Duck or a fan of the 1975 Houston Astros.  Yikes!  

Now pay close attention because this is important.  My business is beach-adjacent in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  We wear shorts ten months out of the year... eleven if we get one less cold front.  Also, if the men in your life are anything like my father, it takes an act of Congress to get them to wear long pants at any time.  I'm convinced my dear old dad would wear shorts to a Green Bay Packers playoff game.  When it comes to family photos, skin is BAD.  Don't let him do it!  Even on beach shoots I strongly suggest jeans, khakis, linen slacks, or similar garments.  You might like your man's legs, but your dinner guests don't want to stare at them on your wall.  A nice flowing shirt with sleeves or a casual button-front shirt is a great compliment to this look.  You can let him roll the sleeves up a little if he wants.  Again, the focus with portraits is faces.  The rest of it is just along for the ride.  Bare legs and arms on males is very distracting in imagery.  This goes for kids, too.  Boys above toddler age should be dressed in a similar fashion to the men in the group.  This draws from our theme of flow and continuity.

Well, there you go.  Follow a few simple rules and use a little basic psychology and you have the foundation for a stress-free family portrait session that will produce beautiful results.

Until next time, find your joy.  Creating beautiful images for you is mine.



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Dressing For Success - Part 1

What to wear, what to wear...?  The age old question that has, no doubt, caused much debate among family members when preparing for the big day when the crew will be front and center, ready to be immortalized in portrait majesty.  This is a very important element in the experience as a whole.  You are, more than likely, paying a substantial sum of money to engage the talents of a professional to bring out the best of your family's beauty.  Any pro worth their salt will help guide you through this part of the process.  My advice is to listen to your photographer.  A professional is not simply someone with an awesome camera.  We spend hundreds of hours each year studying light, angles, composition, color, psychology and how to make them all work in harmony to create a beautiful image.  I certainly don't mean to suggest that you don't know how to dress yourself.  On the contrary.  The vast majority of my clients show up on session day looking amazing.  But, consider you look amazing as a group?  Your sixteen-year-old daughter looks like a super model, but does her look work in harmony with dad's business casual look or little bro's trendy hoodie?  It's not as straightforward as you might think, but neither is it a complicated process.

Each decade and era has its own very uniquely regrettable, albeit humorous, family photos that make us cringe and our friends suppress laughter each time we break out the family album.  Matching outfits.  Themes.  Crazy teenagers.  Shoulder pads.  Mom jeans.  Gravity defying hair.  Fashion trends that crashed and burned six months after the photo session.  Hats...enough with the hats, already!  Your loved ones want to see the real YOU, not your ever-evolving wardrobe.  You are not a group of mannequins in the window of Abercrombie and Fitch.  You are not a clothes rack.  Your clothes are an accent, not the language.  Use your wardrobe to express and enhance the real you.  Don't let it constrict or define you.

Let's talk color in group imagery.  What should you consider when planning the group look?  What season is it?  Fall, winter, spring, summer; it's important to reflect the season.  This doesn't mean you put everyone in red and green for the Christmas picture.  Think in terms of the mood of seasonal colors.  Muted browns, oranges, and reds in autumn.  Light and breezy pinks, greens, and off-whites in the spring.  Think outside the box a little, too.  Instead of wearing a lot of red for a fall or winter session, how about a neutral gray with a burgundy scarf?  Think about skin tone.  If your little toddler is very fair-skinned you probably want to avoid dressing them in white.  Muted pastels with a little pop of color is always a good choice.  Solid colors with accessories and accents...good!  Neon or unnaturally bright colors...photographic death.  Jewel tones and bold patterns that stand alone...good!  Pinstripes, tiny patterns, too much jewelry and accessorizing...not so much.  Like everything else in life, keep it simple and everything in moderation.  Classic will always be classy.  Trendy will always be like seeing a video of someone walking into a sliding glass door.  You feel really bad for the person, but you can't stop yourself from laughing.  And in the end, the person laughs at themselves, too.

The key to a great family portrait is flow.  From composition to color, it's important to be cohesive.  You don't have to "match".  In fact, I strongly discourage the matchy-matchy look when I consult families.  Instead, select a base or common color scheme and be creative with it.  Tie it all in with subtlety and you don't have to match to create a beautiful flow.  Most importantly, enjoy the experience.  They are your family, after all, and there must be a reason you want your picture taken with them.

Next time...ladies, that will be just for you!  Mamas, wives, girlfriends, daughters, much fun is it getting those boys ready for picture day???  Right...?

Until next time, find your joy.  Creating beautiful images for you is mine!



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Summertime Story Tellin' With Mother's Day, prom, and graduation behind us we look ahead to the sultry summer days that bring us Father's Day, beach vacations, and football two-a-days.  All are events with endless story telling possibilities, and the SSP crew will be out, camera to the eye, capturing the images that will narrate the story of your life.  The still image is such an amazing medium for preserving memories that would otherwise fade into the flurried wisps of a medley of lifetime reminiscence.  

Over the years I have taken the greatest joy from being invited into the lives and significant events of many exceptional people.  I have danced at your weddings, cried at your homecomings, and laughed at your kids.  Through it all I have kept my eye and my lens on the moments that build and grow your families and your lives.  This is the concept that drives me to be the best at my craft, to educate myself and study the art of making images that endure through time.  The paper may fade, but the moment will forever withstand the breadth of time.  I've told a thousand stories and I never tire of the journey.  

Take the liberty of leaving your own camera behind and enjoying your celebration.  Let me tell your story.

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Jennifer & Justin Perfect weather, perfect location, perfect couple.  The weekend is off to a great start!  Take a peak at a few pics from this morning's rehearsal.  Can't wait to see it all come together tomorrow.

Under the oaks at Honey Horn2G2A8503 JJ004 Arriving at Honey Horn2G2A8459 JJ001

Jennifer, Jackie, & the Flower Girls2015-11-8-0019-1


(Scott Schroeder Photography) hilton head honey horn rehearsal wedding Sat, 25 May 2013 22:23:27 GMT