I’ve always been captivated by the still image. The story told by capturing 1/200th of a second in the never-ending sweep of time is always compelling, and preserving those moments for you and generations to come is my pursuit.

When you work with Scott Schroeder Photography, your wedding, event, business, family session, or portrait session will be in the care of a team that is driven by delivering excellence and rewarded by your joy when you see your images for the first time. Meredith and I have been married since 1999 and began our photography business in 2009. She will be your guide through the business end of things, from first contact through reveal day and beyond, and I take care of the artistic stuff (although, she’s pretty good at that, too).

Scott Schroeder Photography engages in every client experience with the philosophy that, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” No detail is left to chance because the details contain the creation of your personal experience and the smooth flow of your session. From communication to timeline to weather to lighting to space and angles, wants and needs, or challenging relatives, Meredith and I will attend to the particulars so that you won’t have to. You have enough to worry about.

I define my artistic style as modern-classic. I place a great deal of emphasis on presenting you, your family, and your space in the most authentic form. I want you to look at your images years from now and say, “We look fantastic!” rather than, “What were we thinking?!?” I pay very particular attention to light quality and color balance within the scene so that the viewer is captivated by the imagery, rather than distracted by clothing, bad lighting, or disruptive scenery. Additionally, I have devoted a decade-and-a-half to the study of composition and spatial flow. Translated to people, it’s that dreaded “P” word… pose. I can work with trained models or your husband and teenagers who don’t want to be there. Everyone will feel at ease working with Meredith and me.

I invite you to peruse my galleries to see how your own images could look, and if you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call. Meredith and I look forward to serving you and your photography needs.


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